Amazon Stock Prediction


Amazon is another tech giant with solid fundamentals that trades for less than $200 per share.

The company recently had a stock split, which dropped the price of each share from almost $2,000 to just over $100. A stock split is like splitting one share into more than one share.

When a company splits its stock, the value of the stock at the time of the split stays the same, but shareholders get more shares. When the number of shares goes up, a stock’s liquidity goes up, which makes it easier to get. After a split, prices for each share also tend to go down.

Amazon’s split was a big deal because the company had never done one before, unlike other big companies in the same field. The tech giant makes money from many different types of businesses, which gives the tech sector more variety.

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Its eCommerce business is still the most important, but other parts of the company are quickly catching up. Given the growth of AI, it’s possible that AWS could become more important to the company over time. In the future, they might even be the best at making money.

Amazon is one of the few companies in the world that has a value of $1 trillion. The market value of the company is just over a trillion dollars right now. In 2022, the company brought in $514 billion, which was half of its market capitalization. This number is expected to go up to almost $540 billion by 2023.

Earnings for Q4 fell short by a lot. EPS was nearly 80% less than what was expected. But the company still made 2% more money than expected.

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