Apple Stock Prediction


AAPL is a high-growth technology stock, and by market capitalization, it is the biggest public company in the United States.

The company has a wide range of products and services and uses many different kinds of technology. Macintosh got its start by selling computers, but that is no longer its main source of income.

The iPhone, which accounts for 52% of the tech giant’s overall revenue, is now in charge. Apple is famous for having a huge cash problem, if having too much cash could be considered a problem.

In fact, Apple is the company in the United States with the most cash on hand, which is part of its main advantage. The company that makes the iPhone is also one of the most well-known around the world.

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Nearly 15% of the world’s population, or 1.2 billion people, are thought to use a mobile device. That says something about how well-known their brand is. With nearly $100 billion in liabilities, the company has its fair share of debt.

But the debt is only a small part of what the company is worth as a whole. The market cap of Apple is a huge $2.3 trillion, which is the most of any company on the stock market. Apple has been one of the stocks that has done the best over time. Since its IPO, the company has grown by more than 72,000%.

But the tech giant recently missed earnings estimates for the first time since 2017. But the disappointing results don’t come as much of a surprise when you look at the higher inflation rates and the overall state of the economy. The company that makes phones and computers also gives investors a 0.60% dividend.

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