Arista Networks Stock Price Prediction


Arista Networks is an infrastructure company for edge computing based in California. It makes network switches that are used in data centres.

Like tech giant Apple, the company seems to be focusing on a two-pronged approach to the edge computing market by offering both hardware and software solutions for edge computing.

Edge computing involves setting up regional data centers to improve data latency and reduce the amount of data that flows through the main internet infrastructure.

But Arista Networks has gone a step further with its Campus Cloud initiative by setting up private data centers and making data centres even more close to where people live.

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When it comes to edge computing software solutions, Arista’s software is used to manage edge-based local networks. The company has also taken important steps to make sure that its networks are safe.

Aside from being a computing edge stock, Arista also gives its stockholders access to the market for network switching. At the moment, the market is worth $33 billion, but by 2028, it is expected to be worth $45.5 billion.

ANET says that its sales have grown by 48% from last year to this year, and it thinks that they will grow by 25% this year. As of February 2023, each share of stock is worth about $141.

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