Cloudflare Stock Price Prediction


Cloudflare is another company that works directly with edge computing.

Like Fastly, Cloudflare works to make the internet better. One of its goals is to be one of the platforms on which new applications and the future of the internet are built.

The IT management software company helps businesses with cloud-based security and edge computing. It has gotten millions of new customers by using effective marketing techniques to get both big companies and regular people to use its services.

It’s on our list of the best computing edge stocks because its customers are likely to use the edge computing services the company offers. As of February 2023, NET had a market cap of $22.57 billion, which is about $71 per share. It went public in 2019 and has grown since then.

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The company said it made $975,2 million in sales, which is a growth of 48.5% from last year. It is in a good place to make money from the growth of edge computing.

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