CVS Group Stock Price Prediction


CVS Group, which is based in Diss, provides veterinary services in the UK, the Netherlands, and the Republic of Ireland through its subsidiaries.

The business has four parts: online retail, veterinary practises, labs, and crematoriums. In fact, CVS Group is one of the biggest veterinary service providers in the United Kingdom. It has seven crematoriums, 475 labs, and veterinary practises.

This year is off to a great start for CVS Group, which plans to spend 19.9 million pounds on clinical equipment, renovations, and moves. This is a big jump from the 10.6 million pounds that were invested the year before.

The company has also opened a Greenfield Site and plans to open two more in the second half of the year. This fiscal year, CVS has made two more purchases, bringing the total number of operational practise sites to nine.

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As of January, CVSGF was worth about $23 per share and had a market cap of $1.73 billion.

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