Femasys Stock Price Prediction


Femasys takes a slightly different approach to birth control than the first two companies.

The biomedical company tries to meet the needs of women’s reproductive health by providing treatments for infertility and permanent methods of birth control. About 10% of women in the US have trouble getting pregnant, and about 13 million have given up on having children.

This gives a company with a very low market capitalization access to a large part of the market. The company made a platform for delivering content called Fembloc.

The platform provides a method of permanent birth control that doesn’t involve surgery or implants. Femasee, their platform for helping people who can’t have children, uses a similar method for insemination.

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Since March 2022, the price of the penny stock has been between $0.55 and $2, which is near the middle of that range. Since September 2022, the price of the company’s shares has stayed the same. This is a 6-month range that could be a sign of a floor.

The market value of the company is only $14 million, which is very low. This could mean that even a small amount of attention or good news could send the price of FEMY shares through the roof.

Compared to the same time last year, the company’s revenue rose by almost 30% in the third quarter. But in 2022, FEMY was not able to make money. Who knows what will happen in 2023? Only time will tell.

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