Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2025


The stock price prediction for Lucid Motors is that it might go up in 2025 if the potential and interest rate stay the same. Here, the lowest price for a stock is likely to be $56.12, and the highest price may be $79.93.

Experts say that the Lucid stock forecast may stay positive and make more money in the years to come.

In 2026, the price of Lucid could go as high as $100.13. Depending on how the market moves, the price could be around $94.19. The average price of Lucid stock could be $97.16 in 2026.

In 2027, the stock may rise steadily and hit $111.07 per share. If everything is good on the market and the company keeps doing well, the price could go up to about $120.79.

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