New Exchange-Traded Fund from Engine No. 1 Activist Group


On Wednesday, Engine No. 1 Investments introduced a new exchange-traded fund (ETF) called Transform Supply Chain ETF.

To most people, Engine No. 1 is synonymous with the activist investor who brought about change at ExxonMobil. The company offers two more ETFs that also prioritise environmental, social, and governance considerations.

The 27 equity assets that make up the new ETF are actively managed and concentrated. Its most important investment is Willscot Mobile Mini, which offers temporary office and storage space.

According to Yasmin Dahya Bilger, head of ETFs at Engine No. 1, “we’re building a portfolio that capitalises on the transition from old technologies to new ones, from short-term expediency to long-term value creation, and away from the low-cost-at-all-costs thinking of the last 30 years towards a more resilient and modern American economy that is a leader in global competitiveness and that creates well-paying jobs here at home.”

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According to the fund’s website, the expenditure ratio is 0.75% and the net assets are $10 million.

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