Transportation Services Stock Prediction


Carriage Services is a company that runs cemeteries and funeral homes in the United States. It has 170 funeral homes and 31 cemeteries.

It was started in 1991, and its headquarters are in Houston, Texas. It owns the rights to mausoleum crypts and grave sites and also offers cremation services.

Carriage Services bought Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services in the year 2022.But the public can’t see how much money they have. With this purchase, Carriage got the company’s assets, which include three funeral homes, a business that does cremations, and a cemetery.

Based on its finances, CSV fell in November 2022, but it’s been slowly going up this year and is now worth about $31. The company has said that dividends have grown for the past three years, which means that holders have a chance to make money.

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It pays out a dividend of $0.45 each year, and the dividend yield for the next year is 1.45%.

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